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The piece is inspired by mysticism and the search for hope. The color choice symbolizes that in difficult times, spirit (Muhammad, PBUH) is always there even though you may not be able to see spirit. The Arabic calligraphy is textured and layered symbolizing that in difficult times, spirit (the presence) is felt rather than seen. The canvas is best viewed at an angle (rather than straight ahead), symbolizing searching for spirit.

Reflections on Suffering

“It’s hard to be kind all the time…, because if you don’t toughen up, you go under. The nature of existence there is harsh. You fix one hole and another pops up. It’s supposed to be like that, though, so don’t be too concerned about it… although it’s not what we usually think of as payment. It wasn’t some price for so-called sins. It was more a learning thing.”

- A. Kagan dialogue with W. Cohen

40'' x 40'' | acrylic on canvas


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